Levi House

The Levi House is built on the top of the highest hill in the area, between the villages of Zoodoxos Pigi (Reouzi) and Polypotamos.
In an 80 acres manor surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and wild greenery, the house constitutes a refuge suitable to fulfill all needs and a shelter to please all sensations. The house is addressed to people who seek a special kind of vacation in the absolute peacefulness of nature.
The house is built amphitheatrically, with a magnificent view of the Euboean gulf and offers marvelous sunsets.

The Levi House is an eco-friendly house, taking advantage of the Greek sun. It is heated with natural gas and the bioclimatic design of the building and of the materials which have been used for its construction offer an ideal temperature of 18 °C-20 °C all year long.

The renter/guest at the LEVI HOUSE unconditionally accepts the following terms:

The water from all of the house’s faucets is drinkable. It originates from a private water well drilling. However, we suggest only bottled or mineral water.

The LEVI HOUSE is hybrid and meets ecological standards.
It is powered autonomously and it isn’t connected to any local electricity network or fixed telecommunication network.
For all the above reasons, the renter/guest must have environmental awareness during his/her stay. With its existing appliances and facilities, the LEVI HOUSE provides autonomy 24/7. Any further use can be achieved only after an understanding with the manager (with a possible extra charge).

The LEVI HOUSE has a 3G Mobile Wi-Fi router with a limited MB use. For any further use, you will have to communicate with the manager and an extra charge may be incurred.

Medical care

There are two hospitals in the area: the first is located at a 30 km distance from Aliveri and the other one at a 40 km distance from Karystos. There is a pharmacy at a 5 km distance that provides 24/7 services.

The LEVI HOUSE offers you the opportunity to host parties and events on the condition that you will have informed the manager in advance (a possible extra charge may be inccured).

For any damage or loss of an object, the renter/guest is fully responsible and the owner is therefore entitled to a refund.
Luggage dropoff allowed
For guests’ convenience when they have early arrival or late departure
Long term stays allowed
Allowed stay for 28 days or more